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Company Checks and Litigation

Today company checks are very important. We have to study the Company, its business operations and profits. You can see many companies vanish in thin air in due course of time. We have to do Due diligence of companies and report.


Today big business houses, individuals and firms are into lots of litigation issues in their day to day business.

  •  ow to handle Evidence as a Private Investigator.
  •  Obtaining and handle physical evidence.
  •  Collecting witness statements.
  •  Company Financial checks.
  •  How does the structure of a Court system works.
  •  Do parties exchange written evidence from witness
  •  How is Evidence presented at Trail?
  •  What is the role of the judge in proceedings?

Is the Director liable in his private capacity to repay loans and advances? These types of questions are found in business and personal capacity. FOXMEN collects evidence and support the client in court matters.

In Divorce Case how evidence is collected is very important.