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Under Cover Operations

By planting our expert detectives in the customer's organization, on different assignments, to truth discover the underlying driver of all against administration exercises, pilferages and burglaries.


We have sent uncountable quantities of Undercover Operation agents in various assortments of organizations all through India. FOXMEN Detective Agency is having specialists conveying for Undercover Operation.


Clients are always disturbed about production losses, wastage of resources, and suspect someone within your organization is doing this activity?


Undercover operations are an extremely complex task for which FOXMEN can formulate a customized strategy to plant our professionals into a client’s organization at various levels to make a plan and go the root cause of any antimanagement activities, pilferages and thefts, information leaks, production losses, or any other inside information. Under cover Agents are trained to improvise, adapt, and collaborate with your human resources, Security, or Senior Management to successfully expose .